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Burmac was incorporated in 1977 and has offered more than 30 continuous years of service to the business community from developing custom commercial computer applications to the current registration and hosting of all domain names. We have been a CIRA certified registrar since 2001.

April 10, 2021, 9:39 pm

Before emailing for assistance you may find the following guides helpful.

Create a Client Account
Create a new Contact
Transfer a Domain from another Registrar
Transfer all TBR domains for all Sponsors
Squarespace Setup
CIRA's Three R's
Find the Registrar for your .ca domain

NOTE: We have a number of inquiries about domains that do not have contact information. We do not have any control over these domains. We are a CIRA certified registrar acting on behalf of our clients. These domains are registered by individuals and subject to the CIRA Privacy Policy. In this type of scenario you can use CIRA's Interested Party Contact form to send a message through to the Administrative Contact. We hope you find this helpful and time saving.


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Latest News

  • 3,111,854

    April 10, 2021

    As of today CIRA has 3,111,854 registered domains!

  • TBR


    Not bad! 2 domains in the top 10, not to mention #1 overall for the day.

    I'm sure you noticed but we did it again last week, Nov 4.